COVID-19 Knowledgebase

Duncan & Toplis is here to help and support you through the ongoing challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst this is an anxious time for many, it’s important to know that there is help available.

We continue to summarise the government support measures, including eligibility requirements, as they are announced or updated, and the details can be found here in our COVID-19 Knowledgebase.

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Updated 14.10.20: This week, new restrictions will be introduced across more areas of the country and additional support will become available for some businesses.

In the East Midlands, these restrictions will affect the whole of Nottinghamshire, which will move into the ‘Tier 2 - High’, along with some areas of Leicestershire which were already subject to local restrictions and the High peak area of Derbyshire. Meanwhile, the rest of the region remains in ‘Tier 1 - Medium’.


Contact us for support and advice

Given the changing and uncertain situation, we understand that you will have many questions about the support available to you and you will be concerned for the future of your business and the welfare of your workers and customers.

We are here to help you choose the right path for your business. We can support communication with HM Revenue & Customs to claim the funding available to support your employees and to prepare the information required to make loan applications.

If you would like any assistance in applying for support for your employees, a financial grant or any other government support package, please contact our team.