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Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

Additional financial support

A variety of funds have been created to help businesses throughout the pandemic as well as the Bank of England vowing to buy short term debt from large companies.

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Government support for jobs for young people through Plan for Jobs initiative

Government support for jobs

The government has announced a programme under the Plan for Jobs initiative to support young people getting into the workplace and building the skills they will need. 

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Other temporary coronavirus support measures

Since the beginning of lockdown, many measures have been set out in an effort to stabalise businesses against the negative impact of COVID-19; from the initial support to protect UK high streets to more recent developments for young workers and making homes more energy efficient.

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Duncan & Toplis Legal Services Team

Duncan & Toplis expands with legal service practice

Duncan & Toplis has launched Duncan & Toplis Legal Services, a SRA regulated firm that will be able to undertake regulated activities as part of the Duncan & Toplis Group, which includes accountants and business advisers, wealth management, IT services and business turnaround support. 

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