Duncan & Toplis is here to help and support you through the ongoing challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst this is an anxious time for many, it’s important to know that there is help available.

We are summarising the measures, including eligibility requirements, as they are announced and all details can be found here in our COVID-19 Knowledgebase.

Working together to protect us all

Many businesses have started reopening and employees are gradually returning to the workplace but they are doing so in a new environment which requires them to adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines to stay COVID safe.

The government has published a series of guidelines to help employers better understand how they can promote and ensure safe working. It’s essential for everyone’s safety that they make every effort to comply with social distancing and hygiene standards.

We have put together a selection of posters for our own office locations and we’re happy to share these as a free to use resource that you can display throughout your workplace as a small reminder of the precautions we should all be taking.

If you need help producing posters for your workplace, we have a number of brilliant clients in this area who will be happy to help you print and build the COVID-19 signage you need. If you would like us to connect you, please contact us.

Click on an image to start the download:

Posters to download and print yourself:

General poster [A3 print]
Photocopier COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Room Limit COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Lift COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Stairs COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Up Stairs Only COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Down Stairs Only COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
One Person Toilet COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Wash Hands COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Kitchen One Person COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Kitchen No Drinks COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Kitchen Wash Hands COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]
Kitchen Clean COVID19 [Print A4 Portrait]

Artwork to download and send for professional printing:

General poster [420x420 artwork]
Photocopier COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Room Limit COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Lift COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Stairs COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Up Stairs Only COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Down Stairs Only COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
One Person Toilet COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Wash Hands COVID19 [210x210 artwork]
Kitchen COVID19 [420x420 artwork]





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