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The drivers of international entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are known to be energetic business leaders who cultivate and catalyse change in emerging markets - but how do domestic business leaders successfully expand their enterprises overseas?

In an insightful new report from Kreston Global, 600 business leaders from around the world come together to ask exactly that.

As members of the Kreston network, and through our own international business gateway Kreston Duncan & Toplis, we’re pleased to share this report titled ‘Global vision and the ‘interpreneur’ mindset’: a report explores in detail exactly which factors drive foreign investment - and what holds it back.

If you’re a business owner wondering how to grow your business overseas, this information is indispensable.

What is an interpreneur?

Liza Robbins, chief executive of Kreston Global, clarifies: “An interpreneur is a term we have coined to describe a business leader who successfully expands their business presence into markets abroad.”

Essentially, this can be distilled down into the question ‘what drives entrepreneurs to expand internationally?’

How to grow your business

The detailed report surveyed business leaders of companies with a turnover of up to £500m to explore what incentivises overseas investment and, more specifically, which markets are the optimal choice for would-be international entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach, profits and potential.

With 100 business leaders from each country that took part, which included the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, China, Germany and India, the takeaways may surprise you.

If you’re looking to find new customers, reach new demographics, and yield a greater ROI, the report offers expert insight into the ideal target markets for the expansion of your businesses. It also sets out which markets are preferred by your global competitors as well as exploring supply chain management issues and capital funding concerns.

Plan for growth and optimise your operations by ensuring you’re equipped with the very latest information from industry-leading entrepreneurs just like you.

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