Management Information

Management accounting provides a window into your business at any given point in time. Many business owners simply don’t have the time to create and analyse reports, despite their importance.

Reports and accounts form the basis for providing quality management information and support to a variety of people, including managing directors, financial directors, shareholders, CEOs, investors and top-level managers.

There are a number of situations that may arise and create the need for certain reports to be drawn up to share key information with managers at all levels. Our teams of experts can work with you to produce accounts and tailored reports in a suitable format for further analysis and decision making.


Depending on the size and form of your business, it may be required to have an audit. Our experienced team of specialist auditors take time to familiarise themselves with your business and list to the issues that it faces. This ensures that we can provide proactive advice, recommendations and add value by addressing key issues and items.

Forensic accounting

Financial disputes often call for prompt and professional advisers to take care of the situation and minimise any potential impact on you and your business. Our experienced team will work with you and other parties involved to reach a swift conclusion through expert witness reports and business and share valuations.

Business and share valuations

We have considerable experience of using different business valuation methods that are tailored to the business we are working with.

We recognise that providing a valuation is only part of what a client needs, so our valuation expertise is often linked in with our other services, such as corporate finance and tax planning.

We can help with:

  • Advice on values in sale or purchase transactions
  • Business valuations
  • Loss of earnings claims
  • Share valuations

Raising finance

Finance may be required at any stage of a business’s life cycle and it is important that a strong case is put in front of the right provider.

Our experience in helping businesses to secure funding is vast. We regularly advise clients on what funding they may need to pay for particular assets or fund growth, and how best to go about it.


We have established strong relationships with local banks and alternative lenders so we can match our clients’ needs with what we consider to be the best fit for their requirements. Our teams are able to assist businesses to prepare a business plan and financial projections to support an application.

Transaction services

We understand that buying or selling a business can be a difficult, time consuming and distracting process. Transactions can take months to complete, diverting focus from concentrating on your day job and causing a number of frustrations along the way.

If you need advice on preparing financial information, contact us today.