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The People Conference

Join our team of HR and Payroll advisers for The People Conference which will provide legal updates as well as guidance and support on the key people related challenges facing businesses right now.

2020 was a turbulent year, with many obstacles still ahead. During this session, our speakers will address some of the impact coronavirus has had on working teams, looking at how you can motivate and manage your team’s wellbeing during an unsettling period as well as key employment and payroll legal issues facing businesses in the future.

Katy Anderson will be providing an Employment Law update for changes past, present and future, and Julia Sells will be covering the reasons why redundancies occur and what to take into account when at the planning stage, as well as discussing the two stages of the redundancy process; consultation and dismissal. This will be followed by a Payroll Legislative update from Damon Tunnicliffe, then Kim Moore will look at mental health and how the pandemic has contributed to increasing poor mental health in the workplace before exploring what employers can do to support mental health and best practices for managing absences caused by poor mental health.

Webinar host, Heidi Thompson, will close the session with an overview of the new working world beyond COVID-19 and a question and answer session with our speakers.

Heidi Thompson, Head of HR and Payroll
Heidi Thompson
Head of HR and Payroll
Katy Anderson
Katy Anderson,
HR Adviser
Julia Sells
Julia Sells,
HR Associate

Damon Tunnicliffe,
Payroll Manager

Kim Moore,
HR Manager


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