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Inheritance planning for leisure and holiday park owners

Join our Tax Manager, Sarah Holford, and Associate Solicitor, Amy Codd, for an exploration of the key points for successfully planning how leisure and holiday park owners can protect and direct their assets to their loved ones, both in their lifetime and after their death.

Sarah will be providing an insight to how Inheritance Tax is calculated and exploring the reliefs and allowances that are available, following an example scenario of a leisure and holiday park owner.

Amy will be offering food for thought on how the tax and legal matters arising from your death might be dealt with, including busting myths surrounding Wills and practical advice on protecting your assets in a tax efficient way.

The session will end with a Q&A with the panel.

Sarah Holford, Tax Manager
Sarah Holford, Tax Manager
Amy Codd, associate director for probate
Amy Codd, Associate Solicitor

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