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Off-payroll workers on the road and planning the route ahead

Join our Head of Transport, Haulage and Logistics, Keith Phillips, and sector specialist Niall Kingsley for an overview of the IR35 scheme coming into place from 6 April 2021.

It is common for hauliers and transport businesses to hire off-payroll workers rather than taking on permanent employees; this can include contractors, freelancers and consultants.

In this session, our team will cover:
    ›  The changes taking place from 6 April 2021
    ›  How to identify when IR35 rules apply
    ›  Advice on preparing your business now ready for the changes

Our guest speaker, Paula Finch, will be exploring funding options available to your business. More specifically, she will discuss:

     Where and how to find them
    ›  Options for accessing them
    ›  How to keep in the know
    ›  What information do you need to include in your application
    ›  The real benefits

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