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Why is Digital Marketing important?

| Caroline Cleary | 9 August 2023

In today’s digital age, leveraging the power of digital platforms is critical to drive growth. No matter if you use professional SEO services or handle it yourself, digital marketing connects you with your target audience to achieve your marketing goals.

These are the key reasons we believe digital marketing belongs at the forefront of your business strategy.

Global reach

In simple terms, digital marketing connects you to a vast global audience, estimated to be worth $786.2 bn by 2026. And 4.8 bn people worldwide use accessible digital platforms to shop and connect. As a result, there's a huge opportunity to target and engage audiences in different geographical locations, expanding your reach beyond traditional boundaries.

Targeted advertising

Digital marketing allows you to level the playing field, meaning your business can compete against bigger brands. Using digital marketing services enables you to segment your audience based on interests, behaviour, and demographics and determine the best channel for your targeted advertising. With billions of potential customers already online, tailored marketing messages connect you with the right people, increasing opportunities for generating leads and conversions.

Measurable results

Put simply, the more potential customers interact with your brand online, the higher your conversion rate is likely to be. Digital marketing delivers a wealth of accurate real-time data and analytics. Consequently, you can track essential KPIs, including traffic, time spent on a page, click-through rates, and the ability to measure campaign effectiveness. As a result, a data-driven approach lets you learn from your success to optimise strategy and improve ROI.

Brand building and reputation management

Consistent messaging, engaging content, and positive customer experiences are critical to a successful online strategy. Leveraging your digital marketing to enhance your brand builds trust and credibility. Once your brand identity is established, you can continue to effect positive change through customer interactions, content marketing, and your targeted advertising strategy.

Flexibility and adaptability

Whilst traditional marketing techniques still have a place in the marketing mix, they can also be incredibly time-consuming, whereas digital marketing is a highly flexible and agile way to respond to new trends and changes in customer behaviour. In a fast-changing digital landscape, it’s quick and easy to adapt a Facebook post or email or tweak campaign duration and targeted messaging to stay competitive. Additionally, digital marketing flexibility lets you pivot to different strategies with ease, reducing financial waste and improving efficiency.

Customer engagement

Personalisation is critical to customer engagement, and digital marketing allows for just that - direct and instant interaction with your audience. A cross-platform strategy offers endless engagement opportunities via email, live chat, and social media. Your positive interactions can help solve problems and add value for your customers. Consequently, you'll build brand recognition and loyalty, drive advocacy and build meaningful relationships.


Digital marketing far outstrips traditional marketing methods when it comes to cost-effectiveness. For example, using a PPC agency to develop a PPC strategy can double the return on each pound you spend, representing a 200% ROI. What's important is that you understand the digital marketing method that suits your budget and business. Content marketing, social media, email marketing, and SEO services are affordable ways to target the right marketing streams for your business needs.

Outsource your Digital Marketing service to Duncan & Toplis

When connecting with your target audience and achieving your marketing goals, leveraging the power of digital marketing is vital. At Duncan & Toplis, we can help you leverage digital marketing strategies to drive growth and help you achieve your business goals. Our talented team takes great pride in acting as a trusted partner, assisting you to achieve your goals through our professional SEO and digital marketing services.

Get in touch to find out how we can develop and implement the best digital marketing strategy for your business.


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