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Transport, Haulage and Logistics

We have over 75 transport, haulage and logistics accounting clients that we have worked with for many years, meaning that we fully understand the complexities for businesses operating within this industry.

As a result, clients within this sector require specialist accountancy support from a firm with an in-depth understanding of the issues unique to the transport industry and the impact these have on business operations.

Some of the challenges that our specialist transport accounting team can help you to manage are outlined below.

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Unpredictable environment

Whether you’re a self-employed driver or responsible for a larger organisation, the transport, logistics, and haulage sector faces a great many challenges in an environment that’s hard to predict.

Hauliers will have to adapt quickly to Britain’s changing relationship with the EU, ensuring all laws and requirements are followed while planning for the impact these have on operations.

Organisations must also rise to the challenges of possible delays and disruptions, queuing, and red tape, as well as making the most of new opportunities for growth.

On top of this, the irregular and unpredictable gains and losses of major contracts mean organisations must carefully manage their businesses to ensure sustainability and security while also protecting workers.

We are here to help you understand the most recent and important updates so you can stay informed and plan for every possibility. Our team can advise on how best to manage your operations from a strategic finance and HR perspective so your people and your business are protected, whatever might be around the corner.

Day-to-day management

Managing working hours, complex shift patterns, and driver health and safety are a priority for haulage businesses.

We’ve assisted clients with HR services to ensure they’re fully aware of employment law and the unique regulations their industry is subject to.

We also provide payroll, tax planning, and audit services to simplify day-to-day management.

Our expert accountants and business advisers can support you with larger projects such as restructuring so you can maximise your assets, streamline your processes and manage your fleet more efficiently.

Driver status

HMRC’s strict approach to self-employed workers can often be misunderstood, so this needs careful consideration.

Employers using agency drivers with self-employed status risk facing penalties if they don’t comply with legislation, as it can cause tax arrears.

There are exceptions to this which can be established through specialist advice, but businesses need to be aware of the dangers to ensure the right compliance measures are in place.

International support

For advice on international transport and haulage issues, our membership of Kreston, one of the world’s leading global networks of accountancy firms with a presence in over 100 countries, enables us to extend our services across borders.

Whether you need an answer to a foreign tax question, cloud accountancy, or advice on opening an overseas subsidiary, the close relationships we enjoy with our Kreston counterparts will ensure you get the support you need.

Future planning

With the many changes that will affect the industry, it has never been more important to prepare and plan ahead.

We can help you stay one step ahead, so you’re always in the driving seat of your business.

With many SMEs being family-run, succession planning is of great importance, as is the structuring of any deal involving an acquisition, merger, or divestment to ensure maximum tax efficiency and long-term benefits for shareholders and trustees alike.

Access to finance

From maintaining the latest haulage and transportation equipment to the costs associated with international logistics, we know that unpredictable costs cause challenges for those in the industry. Our team of experts will work with you to identify potential business finance options to help stay on top of vital expenses and to maximise your cash flow. Book your free access to finance consultation today.

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