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As experts in charity accounting, we specialise in auditing and financial reporting, charity VAT and structuring and tax management.

Our dedicated charities accountant team is here to help you overcome the mounting challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector.

Be confident that your not-for-profit is operating efficiently with a fully bespoke service to suit your needs.

From staying ahead of regulatory changes, complex tax issues, and the ever-present issue of financial sustainability, our trusted team can support your organisation as you carry out your essential work.

Choose Duncan & Toplis as your trusted partner.

Auditing and financial reporting

Depending on the size of your organisation or its governance structure, you may need to be audited or have an independent examination to ensure your charity accounts are accurate and compliant with the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

As one of the largest independent accounting and business advisers in the East Midlands, our fully qualified audit specialists help to measure your financial reality against your forecasted yield - ensuring that all your risks are controlled and managed in line with charity audit requirements.

Charity VAT

Charities are not VAT exempt and, much like businesses, must register with HMRC if their taxable supplies are above the registration thresholds.

With a variety of complex income streams, VAT management for charities can often be confusing - but our VAT partners give clear and actionable advice, ensuring VAT compliance and maximum recovery of VAT where applicable.

Structure, tax and governance

Charities should operate efficiently and effectively to make the most of all donated income. We help to clearly outline the decision-making process to ensure that your charity is structured and governed in the most appropriate way.

We ensure trustees are kept abreast of your cash flow, reserves, expenditure and your wider goals, with regular updates. Rigorous processes minimise conflicts of interest, identify effective strategies for recruitment and training needs and embed procedures to assure best practice is met on all measurables.


As members of the Kreston Global network of accountants, your dedicated account manager will address all of your financial concerns, including compliance, sourcing funding, consultancy, general insurance, pensions, payroll, and more.

We are able to gain valuable insight into the financial challenges and opportunities facing charities across the UK. We worked with our colleagues across the Kreston UK Charity Group to produce the annual Kreston Charities Report which sheds important insight into the experiences of a wide range of charities across the UK.

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