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Corporate Finance

Our specialist team of corporate finance professionals is on hand to offer you expert advice to support the growth of your business. No matter the scale of the transaction or the size of the acquisition, we can help you expand into new markets by securing the finance you need.

Looking to buy or sell your business, secure finance to underpin new investments or manage buy-outs or buy-ins? Whatever your needs or circumstances, our team is on hand. We have the bona fide business acumen to create a carefully tailored approach that’s curated to your specific requirements.

Choose Duncan & Toplis as your trusted partner for corporate finance.

Raising finance

Running a business and leading growth isn’t always enough to ensure a sustainable future for any company - especially when cash-flow issues arise. Our corporate finance service offers a variety of ways to help finance your plans, however ambitious. Our approach to funding is flexible, giving you sizeable scope to make the right decision for your business.

However you want to create capital, we help businesses like yours to take stock and make the right steps forward. Whether raising funds through equity generation or consolidating debt, we work in line with your business strategy to help develop viable income streams for your company. Our specialist advisers will walk you through all available options, from company valuations to crowdfunding.

Management buy-outs and buy-ins

With 95 years of history and expert experience underpinning our accredited team, we’re ideally positioned to help you arrange Management Buy-outs (MBOs) or Management Buy-ins (MBIs). Whilst this may seem a daunting prospect, funding for MBOs can often be secured in principle by financial institutions, taking the burden off your back and freeing up equity.

Such a process must be carefully assessed to ensure optimal viability, which is why we oversee every element, from vendor negotiations through to ensuring a robust business plan is in place to quell any concerns from all parties. We’ll advise on best practices in your active market(s) as well as vetting potential funders to ensure maximum compatibility.

Due diligence

Undertaking financial due diligence is an essential part of business best practice and is a universal necessity for all sectors.

A financial due diligence check undertaken by independent examiners can provide an in-depth understanding of the business and is particularly valuable in today’s challenging environment.

Whether you’re considering a management buy-in or buy-out, or are planning to expand your business, you need to know that your investment is sound and risk-free.

Our experienced auditors carry out in-depth investigations of businesses that assess any likely risks involved, the credibility of the owners and directors, financial health, future potential, and the structure and management.

Due diligence investigations can range from a brief review to a detailed long-form report and can be tailored based on the size and nature of the parties involved.

Starting the process as early as possible, keeping to a checklist and understanding the regulations surrounding your organisation will have a positive impact on any future investigations, as will seeking expert advice from financial professionals.

Transactional services

Buying or selling a business can be a difficult, time-consuming and distracting process. Any one transaction can take months to complete, provide a multitude of frustrations and divert focus away from day-to-day business management.

Whether you need advice on preparing a business for disposal, help in negotiating a sale/purchase price, identifying targets for acquisition, arranging finance or post-deal integration you will benefit from a collaborative approach driven by experienced professionals, no matter what size or nature of your business.

If you are thinking of selling your business or pursuing a business growth strategy by acquisition, then please be sure to contact us as early in the process as possible to give you the very best chance of maximising the benefit from any proposed transaction.

Buying or selling a business

Whatever your reasons for buying or selling a business, our team will offer essential insights to help build your portfolio, strengthen your supply chain, and increase your market share. Whichever side of the table you’re sitting on, we’ll offer discreet, confidential advice to pinpoint viable targets, ensure you are able to access the most achievable and secure source of finance, and give crucial, constructive feedback specifically tailored to your business aims.

Quality, credibility and acuity - these are all traits we’ll ensure that you present to any potential investors or purchasers to put you in the strongest possible position to leverage your business.

Access to finance

We understand the high costs of investment can be challenging to manage and the implications they may have on your cash flow. Our expert team can work with you to identify the funding opportunities available to bridge the gap between paying your suppliers and receiving payment from your customers.

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