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Our Mission

The Duncan & Toplis Foundation has been established in order to support community projects and to make a positive difference to the lives of people in the East Midlands - including the regions of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

If you are a small to medium sized organisation that could greatly benefit from a donation of up to £1,000 from our foundation, then we encourage you to get in touch to see how we can offer our support.

Duncan & Toplis has been raising funds for charitable causes since 1925; this is something we wish to ensure that we continue and expand. By establishing the foundation, we can better utilise our personnel to fulfil our corporate social responsibility values.

Why we established the Duncan & Toplis Foundation

The Duncan & Toplis Foundation will be the main focal point of all charity and fundraising efforts for our organisation. The foundation will allow us to dedicate more of our time and resources to working with local communities, as we can more effectively utilise our team members and their generous fundraising efforts.

By formalising our foundation, we now have a clear criteria outlined to follow in order to make our donation decisions - ensuring that those greatest in need will receive our help. We are now able to confidently identify the causes that will benefit the most from our funding, and which in turn will have the greatest impact to our community.

Funding and distribution

Our team members are very generous with their time and donations - including regularly volunteering with annual fundraising days and donating to company-backed organisations. All administration fees related to the foundation are covered by Duncan & Toplis, increasing the amount of funds that charities are able to receive through the programme.

Our team members have scheduled regular events in the past, both privately and on behalf of our company in order to raise money for charities. These events include coffee mornings, sponsored runs, bike rides and bake sales. Thanks to the establishment of the foundation, our members will now have extra support in the planning, promotion and execution of their fundraising efforts.

Who will benefit?

Duncan & Toplis have eleven offices based across the East Midlands, and therefore wish to firstly provide aid to our local communities that are closest to us. We are open to receiving applications from any organisations that are based within and around this region - with the aim of helping as many good causes as possible.

For every financial period, our leadership team will meet to elect areas of focus for grants - such as the arts, mental health and opportunities for young people. This criteria will help to ensure that we cover a wide range of different organisations and ensure that no areas of the community are overlooked.

If you are part of a charitable organisation based in or around the East Midlands that may benefit from our help, then please get in touch.


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