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Global Project Management

As your business grows, so do the costs and complexities involved. If you’re globally mobile or run a company with interests that cross borders, our friendly team of global experts will ensure that you receive trusted advice and fully managed taxation, accounting, and administration services to minimise your inconvenience and outgoings.

We can help you benefit from leading advice on best practices, robust strategic solutions, and innovative ideas - all while measurably driving efficiencies and growth.

Choose Duncan & Toplis as your trusted partner for global project management services.

Global Project Management Services

As a member of Kreston Global, our Global Project Management Services team will help you access high-quality financial advisory and compliance services wherever in the world you’re looking to do business. 

Through effective tax management and essential compliance with financial regulations and government procedures, we’ll help you improve efficiency without adversely affecting the quality of your services.

Audit and Assurance advice

We ensure projects across a wide range of business needs are compliant with financial regulations and guidelines, from accounting and assurance services through to mergers and acquisitions expertise and auditing. For a more in-depth look at your books, we offer forensic accounting services, ensuring that you’re aware of each and every option open to you as your business goes from fledgling to thriving.

Access to key business advisory services

Whether it’s advice on how to best form and register your business entity through to essential management of payroll or legal services, we’re here to help with essential business advisory services. Our access to a close-knit global support network means we’ll also ensure that you’re kept abreast of the latest market research and benchmarking, and highlight any opportunities to gain funding assistance.

Navigate complex tax legislation with ease

Changing tax regulations are a constant challenge for business owners. We’ll make significant investment to gain a thorough understanding of your business so we can advise you on how to effectively manage your tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions.

Add to this an acute awareness of local and global issues and Duncan & Toplis can help you expand your reach into other territories as your business develops. Duncan & Toplis makes understanding your tax obligations simple.

Planning and managing VAT and customs

We advise business owners on all relevant elements of indirect tax and customs duties, both planning and compliance, providing timely advice and administration services to keep your business running seamlessly.

Why use our Global Project Management Services?

You’ll gain access to a thriving internal hub of industry experts with an excellent track record in managing global projects.

Your business will benefit from exclusively contracting with us, with one point of contact for your global needs, eliminating the need to manage multiple overseas providers. We’ll provide clear and accurate terms of service with up-front cost transparency. With projects monitored continuously, you’ll be frequently updated to ensure timely delivery of objectives with updates from the project leader.

Accessing Global Project Management Services through Duncan & Toplis

As a member of the international advisory and accountancy network Kreston Global, we offer specialist advice to businesses and individuals across the world and ensure that wherever you operate and in whichever markets you’re seeking to grow, you’ll benefit from sound business acumen every step of the way.

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