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Audit and Assurance

Why is auditing important?

There’s no denying that in our current business landscape, staying competitive and thriving requires much more than just offering a great product […]
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Brown's Briefing: Root Cause Analysis

Have you heard of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? In the auditing world, it has recently taken centre stage as audit practices around […]
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Early adopters reap the rewards

We have always understood the importance of technology and sought to have innovation at the forefront of our growth strategy.
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Brown's Briefing: Audit reform - time to get it right

After several years of intense debate, research and questioning, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has released the long-awaited […]
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Guiding you through complex pension scheme audits

If you manage a private pension scheme, it’s important that you have the support of a reliable, trustworthy, independent auditor to guide […]
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Audit - A Changing Game

Recently, the audit industry has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. High-profile corporate failures are being blamed on auditors, […]
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