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How businesses can maximise income over summer: marketing strategy tips for seasonal SMEs

| Caroline Cleary | 26 July 2023

The Great British Summer is incredibly indecisive on the weather front, but when it comes to indulging, it’s irrefutable: Summer is the time to spend.

Now is the time for your business to embrace the power of online platforms, form local partnerships, utilise targeted advertising and enhance street-level visibility to generate interest and drive sales.

Attract more visitors this summer

Whether we’re clutching a Solero or an umbrella, consumers spend more in the summer. In fact, card spending increased in June by 5.4%, according to Barclays.

It really is the ideal time for businesses that rely on seasonal trade to maximise their exposure to boost their balance sheets.

Whether you run a leisure facility, tourist attraction, or if you work in retail, here are some tips to boost your visibility over the summer months to increase your footfall and your profit margins.

Optimize your online presence to draw in visitors

According to figures from GoDaddy, 35% of business owners feel that their business is too small to benefit from a website.

However, research from Think with Google disputes this idea; this data shows that over three-quarters (76%) of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day. What’s more, 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Clearly, a strong online presence is absolutely essential for any business. Gone are the days of an idle wander to drink in the sights - customers instead prefer to vet their destinations beforehand and browse their wares long before they step inside.

That’s why it’s vital to optimise your website and social media channels to reflect the exact products and/or the brilliant experiences your business offers. Create engaging and visually appealing content, across your social media and website, to showcase what you and your establishment can offer.

Embrace local partnerships to drive brand awareness

People often make trips to visit larger attractions or specifically travel to visit multiple venues in one area, so working with other local businesses and organisations can expand your reach.

Form alliances with hotels, travel agencies, and tourist information centres to promote your business to their customers and ensure you’re kept firmly in the loop. You can list your events on travel sites or sites that promote events and destinations, often free of charge and you can often submit your own event listings on platforms such as Evvnt or Skiddle to drum up interest.

Think creatively and collaboratively so you can better understand how neighbouring businesses can bolster each other’s services to turn your business into part of the wider local offering and create a lasting experience of a place that visitors will treasure.

Local collaboration might mean organising summer events, and workshops, or agreeing to promote one another’s businesses. You can also focus on ensuring your business is unique and complementary to others nearby. Leverage social media and local event listings to spread the word and attract both locals and tourists.

Mobilise social media to tackle #trends

Most holiday-makers love to check-in to a destination online or take a selfie for ‘the gram’ so that friends, family, and followers know they’re having a great time. However their preferred method of stirring up sentiment, it pays to make sure that your business looks as good as possible so that it’s seen as enticing as a destination.

Vibrant colours and fun focal points that encourage photo opportunities are a great way to facilitate this and encourage online interaction with your brand.

Don’t forget to observe the latest hashtags trending on socials and capitalise on them. This could be incorporating popular hashtags into your own social posts or simply commenting on posts that include or mention your establishment - it all acts to boost your visibility.

Put a pin in it: Use geo-targeted advertising

Take advantage of digital advertising platforms that allow you to target specific geographic areas. These allow you to tailor your advertising campaigns to reach potential customers in your vicinity, highlighting the benefits and features that make your business a must-visit destination during the summer season.

Investing in location-specific online advertising, such as display ads and social media advertising, can boost your search visibility and ensure footfall is higher for specific seasonal events.

Enhance your street-level visibility

While customers may plan outings online, they experience them in person - so don’t ignore physical branding to be sure to capture their attention in real time.

Leverage street furniture, billboards, and outdoor signage to draw their eye. Create eye-catching visuals and build on this by selecting display areas near points of interest or high-traffic areas.

By implementing these effective marketing strategies, seasonal businesses can enhance their visibility and attract more visitors during the summer season to increase footfall and income and give themselves a vital buffer for periods of slower sales.

Remember, understanding consumer habits and adapting your marketing efforts accordingly will go a long way in maximising your summer business success. So, gear up, get creative, and make this summer a remarkable one for your business!

If you’d like to explore how you can maximise your summer sales opportunities with a specialist business adviser, get in touch today.


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