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Does your business trade in other countries or is it planning to in future?

| Simon Shaw | 13 December 2019

We're carrying out an ambitious survey into the attitudes and aspirations of businesses regarding international trade.

Whether your business is an importer, exporter, has an office overseas or if you've decided to keep things local, we want to hear from you.

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The UK has a strong tradition of international trade, but as the UK resets its position on the global stage, we want to better understand the attitudes and experiences of business leaders across the country.

Alongside four other Kreston UK firms, we're surveying more than 1,000 UK businesses over the next six weeks to gain an insight into this increasingly important topic.

Our survey looks at the current levels of international trade among owner managed businesses and aims to find out how likely this is to change. We want to know whether you're planning to expand overseas, break into new markets and build on your international relationships, or if you're planning to do the opposite and focus on your domestic market and supply chain partners.

We want to know whether you think Brexit a blessing or a blight, whether politicians a help or a hindrance, whether language barriers hold you back or if you're fluent in the international language of money. All views are welcome.

The survey usually takes 15 minutes to complete and you can access it here.

The survey will run until 29th November and, once we've analysed the results, we'll be presenting our findings in a report which will be published in early 2020.

We'll also be explaining what we find out in detail at a number of events across the UK.

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