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How We Work: our new flexible working guide

| | Heidi Thompson | 5 October 2021

At Duncan & Toplis, we’ve recognised the benefits of modern, flexible working practices and so we’ve launched a new flexible working guide called ‘How We Work’. 

This guide sets out our commitment to working flexibly while also delivering even greater results for our clients and our people.

For our team members, this means everyone at Duncan & Toplis has far greater choice and control over their working arrangements. For clients, you’ll benefit from the same high-quality service you expect from us thanks to the systems and measures we have in place to make flexibility work for everyone.

While some may think flexible working doesn’t support productivity, we disagree; by enabling our team members to work when they’re at their best, maintain a happier and healthier work/life balance and make work fit around their personal circumstances, we believe our client service will actually improve, with the support of a simple framework of guidelines.

Fundamentally, How We Work is based on trust

How We Work supports an inclusive environment that enables team members to balance work requirements with their own personal commitments, enhancing client service and making Duncan & Toplis a happier, healthier team.

To help team members manage their day-to-day work and to maximise performance, productivity and wellbeing, we’ve created a framework of guiding principles for flexible working. 

Performance will now be measured by output, rather than input, and our team will only be obliged to change working arrangements if they’re unable to meet our guiding principles.

While many will welcome the chance to work more flexibly, others will prefer to work in a more traditional manner, and our team can choose between traditional working arrangements within normal office hours and at a single office location, or agile working arrangements. 

Agile working

Agile working can optimise our team members' performance to help them manage their own workload around personal commitments and responsibilities.

We’re committed to supporting agile working, whether our team works in the office or at home, with minimal constraints on time and location, while always ensuring that we deliver the high quality of service that clients expect.

The previous Duncan & Toplis policy of core hours has been removed, allowing team members to work more flexibly; starting, ending or pausing their working day at any time between 07:30 and 18:30.

In How We Work, we’ve set out a series of Guiding principles to serve as a framework to help agile working remain sustainable and productive for everyone, which include: 

  1. Will clients get the same or a better service?
  2. Will our team be supported in the same or better way?
  3. Will working environments remain confidential?

Providing that the guiding principles can be met, our team is encouraged to work with as much flexibility as best suits their personal circumstances.

Choosing where to work

Within How We Work, team members can choose to work from the office, work from home occasionally, or they can choose hybrid working. 

Office working 

Our team members have the option to continue to work in the same way as they do now, working from one office location, notwithstanding meetings at clients’ premises and/or other office locations.

Team members who are office working can also take advantage of occasional home working.

Occasional home working

There will be occasions when team members who have chosen a traditional working arrangement will want to work from home rather than it being a regular occurrence. 

Homeworking is encouraged in these instances.

Hybrid working

Hybrid working enables team members to work from a Duncan & Toplis location and to work remotely, typically from their own home or from client premises.

This gives flexibility in terms of where to work, including a balance between office and remote working, combining structure and sociability with independence and flexibility.

Hybrid working also enables team members to work from any Duncan & Toplis location, rather than just their usual office. 

However our team members choose to work, they’ll be treated fairly, with equal opportunities in career development, ensuring fairness of opportunity across the board. 

How We Work will realise the full potential of all team members, whatever their personal circumstances or responsibilities.

If you’re a client, you can be assured that our commitments to you remain the core purpose of what we do, and How We Work does not lose sight of that. There will be no reduction in the level of service you’ll receive, but an even greater degree of flexibility to meet your needs and expectations.  

If you have any questions about our new flexible working guide and how it might affect the way we work with you, please contact your dedicated advisor.

If you’d like to find out more about how Duncan & Toplis can help you, please get in touch.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team! You can browse our current vacancies online, or if you can’t see a suitable vacancy right now, submit your CV online and we’ll keep you updated with any future openings.


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