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Expectations high for a great summer for Lincolnshire tourism

| Duncan & Toplis | 12 August 2021

Tourism experts in Lincolnshire are anticipating an excellent season for businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

Our specialist team and Visit Lincoln say that businesses in the sector locally are reporting a busy start to the summer with high demand for holidaying in the UK.

While the sector was one of the worst affected by the pandemic and by lockdown restrictions, diversified trading last summer, as well as government support schemes have been a lifeline for many businesses as well as their owners and operators.

With the school holidays beginning across the UK and with limitations of foreign travel, holiday resorts such as Skegness and Mablethorpe are now welcoming high numbers of visitors.

Our Head of Leisure and Tourism, Michele Coe-Baxter works with hundreds of businesses across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands which depend on the holiday market. As a Lincolnshire-based company we provide a wide range of business services and have helped around 4,500 companies through the pandemic.

Michele reports that many businesses in the sector have survived better than anticipated. She said:

Michele Coe Baxter, director at Duncan & Toplis Skegness

Head of Leisure and Tourism, Michele Coe-Baxter

“Despite incredibly challenging periods during the last year, businesses in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector in Lincolnshire did surprisingly well last summer. This generally made up for the losses businesses incurred while they were forced to close, and now all businesses can reopen again, things are looking even more positive. Barring any future restrictions, this could be an excellent summer season, with high demand for a wide range of venues and attractions.

“While there have been difficulties, businesses in the sector within Lincolnshire have generally fared well throughout the pandemic as a whole. In fact, of the clients I work with, only one pub has closed for good; and that’s because the owner opted to retire early.

“There are still some challenges; employee shortages are an issue, both for customer-facing roles and cleaners, and massive demand for new and second-hand caravans has meant caravan parks have struggled to get new stock. Of course, Covid-19 continues to be a risk, but hopefully businesses can raise enough money now to protect them from any future problems that may cause.”

Nationally, forecasts by Visit Britain anticipate domestic tourism spending across the year to rise by 51% compared to 2020, although this would still be 56% of the level of spending seen in 2019. However, coastal and rural areas are expected to fare better than more urban environments, as Britons escape the cities for their holidays and staycations.

The destination management organisation (DMO) Visit Lincoln works to promote leisure, hospitality and tourism in Lincoln and Lincolnshire and is hoping for an excellent summer season.

Chief Executive, Charlotte Goy said:

“The visitor economy in Greater Lincolnshire is hugely significant. It employs tens of thousands of people, has a far-reaching supply chain and is worth £2.4bn to the local economy.

“Business owners and operators have been in survival mode since the sector was forced to close, but at every stage of reopening, they have diversified the way that they work with professionalism and pride. We’re all looking forward to, and hoping for, a successful summer where local residents and visitors support Lincolnshire businesses.”

Find out more about Visit Lincoln and its work to promote tourism in Lincoln and Lincolnshire at www.visitlincoln.co.uk.

For more information about our services spanning the leisure and tourism sector, please contact our team.


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