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Private equity investments

| Duncan & Toplis | 1 December 2020

Private equity is a source of investment capital that comes from individuals that buy stakes in companies, with the aim of earning a return on investment.

We have a great deal of experience acting for investors as they invest or exit a company, as well as management teams involved in the process.

Securing a deal quickly and at the best price is crucial for investors making transactions. Whether you’re looking to make a significant acquisition or a small add on deal, our teams are here to advise you on all aspects of a transaction - from structuring and presenting bids and negotiations to offering business advice and guidance as you secure the transaction. 

We understand the importance of not only acting quickly to secure a deal, but to make a decision that is informed and in line with your goals. We conduct research and analysis to help you make the best move using a range of strategies. After a successful acquisition, we continue to work with investors to manage their portfolios and to offer business and tax advice.

If you’re an investor that is seeking to exit a business that you’ve acquired, we can help you do so as smoothly as possible with a higher equity than you entered the business with. There are many factors to consider to ensure that your exit is successful, and preparation is key to track exit readiness. 

We also act for management teams to support them through complexities of private equity, providing commercially focused advice, tax planning and employee agreements for teams as they move from initial discussions through to closing a deal.


As with all business decisions, it's important to get advice from an expert - contact our team and start exploring your options today!


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