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The Duncan & Toplis Foundation supports the Panathlon Foundation

| Duncan & Toplis | 20 October 2023

Duncan & Toplis are delighted to be supporting the Panathlon Foundation with grant funding to support children in our regions with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN) to re-engage their physical and mental needs.

The Panathlon Foundation aims to address issues that relate to young disabled people/SEN children dealing with obesity, communication skills, and personal concerns.  They aim through their programmes, Primary Panathlon, Multisport Panathlon, Swim Panathlon, Boccia, and ten-pin bowling -  amongst other activities - to accelerate the development of children, creating a better chance for disabled young people to have a life-long involvement in sport, recreation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Panathlon also aims to provide young leaders with training and the opportunity to put theory into practice as part of ‘Panathlon days’ and also to engage and understand disability.

Tony Waymouth, Chief Operating Officer at the Panathlon Foundation said:

“The specific project we’re seeking help with currently is to help young SEN children with learning disabilities re-engage physical and mental needs, be part of the recovery “curriculum” and help SEN children to be part of the new normal environment.  We're wanting want this to be in place during the 2023-24 academic year to run a series of Panathlon days for SEN children in Sleaford and Skegness”

“The grant awarded by the Duncan & Toplis Foundation will allow our teams to deliver training for young leaders and pay towards the cost of materials used during the sessions.”

Niall Kingsley, Head of Charities at Duncan & Toplis and trustee of the Duncan & Toplis Foundation said:

“The grant awarded to the very worthy Panathlon Foundation is representative of our objective to support young people in our regions, and we are delighted to do so.  We hope the Panathlon day will be a huge success”.

For more information about the Panathlon Foundation and the valuable work they do please visit their website.


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