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Watch on demand: E for Environmental

Duncan & Toplis | 3 October 2023

On Tuesday 3 October, we delivered the first in the Duncan & Toplis’ series of webinars that each consider the impact and requirements of the Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) framework on businesses.

We were joined by Bana Mahasneh of Net Zero Now and Marketing Director at Duncan & Toplis, Caroline Cleary who between them brought us up to speed on the ‘Environmental’ pillar of the framework, including:

  • How to properly communicate sustainability targets and emissions reduction plans to avoid 'greenwashing' and further reduce carbon footprint
  • How marketing and communications can help to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint
  • What is carbon accounting – including purpose, process, and outputs
  • Developing and communicating an effective climate strategy
  • The importance of not letting your communications slip into greenwashing, and how to define them to best effect
  • Green marketing and the simple steps organisations can take to achieve this, including supporting environmental initiatives, communications preferences, using recycled materials, communicating eco-friendly actions, and investing in social media to harness its global reach.

You can watch the recording below:

Save the date(s)!

The next in our ESG series takes place on 31 October addressing ‘Social’ – click here for more information and book your place.

Our webinar addressing ‘Governance’ will take place on 20 November and details will be posted to the Duncan & Toplis website shortly.


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